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Yoga, Meditation and BodyWork for Rejuvination & Restoration


Time For Me Holistic Centre, Dublin 2

River Holistic Centre, Raheny, Dublin 5

Your body is its own wisest and greatest healer. I offer therapies, support and the space & time to get your sparkle back, or simply keep it alive and well!


Holistic Therapies

Lomi Lomi massage  Pregnancy massage Holistic facials

Ear candling 

Facial massage

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Nidra classes 

Womb Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy 

Restorative Yoga & Meditation



Proof reading

Text for website, fliers, posters and social media

Ghost writing

Writing for compliemtary practitioners and those writing in the spiritual care field



Being in the midst of a  professional Ayurveda qualification I will soon be offering Ayurvedic health and lifestyle consultations and Ayurvedic treatments.  This is an ancient science of life, with profoundly simple insights into the true nature of health. Stay tuned...!




I have been attending Alison's yoga nidra class for a couple of months and have loved it. The practise itself is a very effective hour of total unwinding and switching off but I feel a lot of this is due to Alison's approach to guiding the class. She has a wonderfully peaceful and welcoming energy, but her steady and comforting voice is what makes you feel like she is taking you by the hand and leading you to this calm, grounded place. There is also a lovely creativity about her guided meditations that really help you to follow and let go. I would highly recommend her yoga nidra class to everyone!


Alison's yoga Nidra class in Dublin was one of my first introductions to yoga and I have to say the best I've attended yet. Alyson has a great knowledge of physiology, is very professional and creates a gentle, calm, inviting atmosphere within which to practice. I feel she provided a strong foundation, using descriptive analogies which were easily visualized. I personally found her meditation to be deep and very beneficial. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone new or experienced.


Alison quickly put me at my ease for my holistic facial. Her fingers felt expert and gentle as she applied various lotions and oils, massaging away tension from my face and using aromatherapy which l felt brought me even deeper into feeling relaxed. I was a little nervous to begin as my skin tends to be very sensitive (I am a red head!)however my skin looked much brighter, vibrant and youthful afterwards.A number of my friends even asked me I had my makeup professionally applied later in the day! I would throughouly reccomend Alyson as  a holistic practitioner.


About Alyson


BA English Lit & Philosophy

Trinity College Dublin

2 year Yoga Teacher Training

Semi residential @ Mandala Yoga Ashram Wales, UK

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

The Elbowroom, Dublin

& Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Womb Yoga Training

with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Dip. Lomi Lomi Massage (incl pregnancy, hot stone)

with Louise Kleu Hawaiian Healing Arts, Kerry

Ear candling, deluxe facials & facial massage

OBUS healing Lexilip

Theta Healing Basic & Advanced

Theta Healing Ireland, Dublin

Ayurvedic consultant & practitioner

Satmya School of Ayurveda, Killaloe  qualification currently in progress

For the past 15 years I have practised yoga regularly and since 2011 have become certified in Satyananda Yoga, Womb yoga & Pregnancy yoga. I specialize in my beloved Yoga Nidra medtation - the great stress reliever of our times!

I am a certified Lomi Lomi Massage therapist and have been training in this modality since 2011. I have also trained in other holistic therapies; Reiki, Theta Healing, Facial massage, Holistic facials and Ear candling.

My passion is to work with you in achieving your own highest aspirations for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. To provide a space for restoration, connection and healing. A space, as the great Irish mystic John O' Donoghue used say, "to come home to yourself."




& Specials

Available March 2018 @ Time For Me, Dublin 2 :
~ 90 mins Lomi Lomi Massage €85 ~
€70 - 1 hour / €100 - 90mins / 4 hands 1hour €140

Lomi lomi massage is a Hawaiian/Polynesian form of massage therapy. The word itself means to 'knead or to pummell.' In essence, this deeply relaxing 'Queen of massage therapies' aims to bring our awareness into the body-mind-spirit more deeply, with the intention to create a healthy connection and flow of energy throughout. Each lomi lomi is a unique experience and each treatment is individually and intuitively tailored to your needs of the present moment.

€60 - 1hour

Experience a luxurious, deeply relaxing and cleansing treatment with Neals Yard Organic face products including; lymph drainage for the face and neck, deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning, facial massage, face-mask, hand or foot massage, moisturization and eye gel.

€60 1hour

Combined with Lymph drainage massage of the face and neck for added cleansing and draining effect, this gentle and energizing treatment is good for;

* Excessive wax in ears
* Blocked Sinus
* Hay fever
* Glue Ear
* Cold and Flu Symptoms
* Tinnitus
* Pressure regulation
* Headaches & Migraines

* Stress and tension in the head

€12 Drop in / €60 6 class pass
*Fridays 10-11am, River Holistic Centre, Raheny

A deeply relaxing and meditative class involving gentle hatha yoga (stretches) and deep breathing practices (pranayama) before settling into the lying down, guided meditation which is Yoga Nidra (aka the Yoga of Deep Sleep). A restful, yin-style class suitable for all levels including beginners.

1 hour €50

One to one yoga classes for beginners wishing to lay the foundation for yoga practice before you enter mainstream classes / post injury or illness to modify your practice to support the body's recovery / or to develope a practice that will support and balance you in your training for special events (marathons etc). I can come to your home or practice from the Dublin Holistic Centre studios.


I have worked for authors - proof reading, editing and lisaing with publishing companies on the publishing of books in the spirituality field. I have worked with authors submitting work through Balboa Press and the Hay House Publishing Co. I have researched and written articles, website and newsletter contents for holistic practitioners.

I have a B.A in English literature, and am a philosophy major. My thesis received a monetary award during the fourth year of my degree with Trinity College Dubin. It was in the area of metaphysics.

I have experienced freelancing for Independent Arts centres providing reviews and in transcribing audio courses and material for online courses in the field of women's studies, gender studies and empowered relationships.

Proof reading & light copy editing approx. €30 per hour

Copy Editing approx. €35 per hour

Articles approx. €50 per 250 words (1 A4 page)

Tracnscribing €20 per hour

All rates are open to change depending on the project at hand



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